Web designing includes designing and development of web pages and focuses mainly on application development. There are many web design software available in the market of which the prominent are mentioned below:

Software For Starters – Word Press
Word Press is the most famous and flexible software used for building the web pages across the globe. It is an important reason for smooth functioning of websites since it acts as a stimulator behind the screen. In recent times, Word Press contributes to 27% of the major websites on the net. There are numerous tutorials and manuals on Word Press available online. Although Word Press is offered free, it costs around $5/mo for domain name and other pre-requisites. Some of the page builders in word press are HTML-Ipsum(offers the user dummy text) and TinyPNG(re-sizes graphics without affecting its quality)

Necessary web designing software
Adobe PhotoShop
It is an multi-purpose software and it is not only used for web designing but also as various applications in any type of design project as a whole. It is used mainly in raster graphics. One can easily modify any aspect of a picture/graphic ranging from its colour, sharpness etc and develop custom graphics from its base. On opening the software one finds a black canvas in which the user can work like insert layers and images, add effects and transformations to get the desired output they prefer. It is not free and there are various subscription packs available meeting the user’s needs.

It is not as efficient as PhotoShop but functions similar to it. It can be used in Windows, MacBook and on other desktops too.

It is one of the best web designing software available on date and was launched in 2009. It has the same features as the PhotoShop too, but the only difference is that it is entirely used for web-designing projects. It has got a workspace on which the various toolbars, effects, functions are neatly arranged which it makes it easy for the user. The advantages of using Sketch are:
· While working in it, the quality of an image/graphic will not be altered if it is re-sized.
· Enables mirroring feature, the ability to view the work done on any mobile device connected.
Available only on Mac.

Adobe Dreamweaver
It was initially introduced by Macromedia and then it was taken over by Adobe. It blends code editor with live view functions which enables the user to adjust the website. It is very useful for every beginner.

Colour Wheel
It is a colour scheme development tool available free. On using it, initially the user selects the basic colours and then the tool provides you with additional colours which results in a new colour scheme. Using a consistent colour throughout the project is important. It suggests the users various colour combinations, which fits in well with the project, making the tool highly user-friendly.

It works like the colour wheel tool. But the additional feature of it is that, it allows the user to extract colours available originally in a picture and add colours/ effects of their choice to it.

Balsamic is the most efficient wireframing(skeletal frame of a website) tool . It’s easy to use and helps the user build a good layout for a website.

Lightshot is a simple tool used in taking screenshots of an entire page or a part it. One can edit the screenshot taken before saving and can share it with other people.

· It is a code editing tool.
· Features available- syntax highlighting, auto completion of words/phrases.

· It is a web server tool accompanied by a database engine.
· It also includes PHP processing.
· It helps in proper functioning of websites.

Chrome Devtools
It is software used for debugging built in with google. It displays execution timeline, network simulator and more.

Web Design Helps
CANVA- Used to create cards and blog images
SaSS- Popular CSS extension language
BOOTSTRAP- Launched by twitter. It enables development of responsive websites

Recently Launched Web Design Software
Some of the recently launched software which prove useful are ADOBE SPARK(useful in mobile applications), HTML Email, COGGLE(mind-mapping software), PATTERNINJA(Pattern designing software) and many more.

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  1. I am a fan of WordPress since it had my passion a profession. I started to use WordPress for developing my blogs. But after getting good exposure, my friends started to approach me for develop website using WordPress. I enjoy each and every features of WordPress.

  2. I am professional web designers and I used Photoshop and WordPress on frequent basis. It is because it is simple to design and launch using these software. Not much coding is required. I can also make use of add-ons present on the WordPress to include features in the website.

  3. Excellent blog. It is completely informative. I did not know that there are so many web designing software. I have heard about WordPress but do not know how to use. After reading this blog, I feel tempted to create my own website. .

  4. I have been developing website using Adobe Dreamweaver. It is an excellent tool but one needs to be an expert in coding to develop and launch the software. Since I work with a team, I did not find much difficulty with Dreamweaver. I would vote for Dreamweaver. .

  5. Numerous web designing software keep entering the market. As a designer or developer, it is recommended to remain aware of the latest software. It helps you to remain updated. If you are flexible, you can also make use of them for web designing projects.

  6. Oh so many software for web designing! I never knew this before and all I know was Word Press. After going through this article, I still feel Word Press is great software for many people, due to various reasons. Word Press helped me to create robust and attractive web sites.

  7. Yes, I agree that Sketch is the best software for web designing. Earlier, I was using Photoshop and never used it again once I started using Sketch. The rich and user-friendly interface makes the job easier for the web designers like me.

  8. After using many web designing software, I still feel that Word Press is the great choice for beginner web designers and as well experts. There are so many tutorials and manuals available for create web designs using Word Press.

  9. I have to agree that web design software has made the life of web designers easier. However, I advice that one should use the software and tools based on their working style and preference. It is better to try all the software to find out which one works great for specific project.

  10. Many software has been introduced in recent times and most of them are available for free. I regularly read the web design software review portals to know the recent launches. Web designers have to keep their knowledge updated about latest web design software.

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