Proficiency is any business comes with training, experience and hard work; the same applies to website designing. The technologies for a proficient designer are many and it may take months or even years to master the skill. So, the bottomline is there is no shortcut to becoming a web designer. Only through constant learning and skill development can one turn into an expert in this arena. Here is a brief outline on web and graphic features to help you make an interesting career move.

This is for aspiring designers!!
Are you planning to venture into website designing business? This one is for you. If you do not have any formal designing training, coding skills or experience in the industry, just remember, it is easy to start with minimum requirements. Ofcourse there are lot of skills to learn and the primary among them is design aesthetics. Colour theory has a lot to do with the success and failure of a website. Human beings react differently to different colours.

Leaning basic coding languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript can help you understand how to manipulate your website. Moreover, there are search engine optimization tools, content management systems and other marketing strategies that needs to be added to boost your website performance.

Content is King. Without a rich content, your website is meaningless. You can either write your own content to give it a personalized appeal or hire a professional to do it. End of the day all that matters is to have a content that is rich, concise and alluring. To do this you do not need free time but passion for your website.

Image editors and designing
Web designer make use of image editors to create their website design and later start with the coding. You can use tools like Photoshop or applications like Sketch, Inkscape, Illustrator or GIMP. Designers should have the acumen to choose the best tools to meet their designing objectives. Websites are viewed on the browser, so it would be right to design them on browsers. The website has to be compatible with most of the browsers and multiple devices.

Advantages of browse-built workflow
· By designing your website on the browser, you exactly know what you are doing. Despite high end mockups available, the results do not match the original. Having a browser backed design helps you experience you design better, particularly with responsive design.
· You can become a reliable designer with browse based designs. While doing preliminary design on Photoshop, designers are appealed by the extensive interfaces and heavy graphics. When the actual designing is done in a browser, the concept does not work. The worse happens when a designer does not know to code. The whole idea of the design does not take shape and remains in the preliminary stage. Meanwhile, a browser based designer understands how the design works on different browsers and work accordingly. Therefore it is best for a designer to learn coding too.

Website strategies to follow
1. Identify the purpose of the website design and take measurable steps to achieve this goal. Start with competitors’ website; make sure you don’t look anything like that. Have a Unique Value Proposition (UVP). Your website should be your identity, reflecting your business goals. Make your website search engine optimized to improve traffic to the site.
2. Send the brand message loud and clear. The goal is to bring potential customers and clients to your website. So, you are on a mission. Your website should help the visitors take an informed decision. The website should be easy to navigate and indulge the visitors to come back for more.
3. Consider the goals of your users and design a website to target their interest. Design a website to meet the buyer’s personas. The design should be a representation of your brand. Bring in all the emotions and make your website lively. Emotional designs can leave a long term impact on the users.

While designing a website, it is important to take three areas into consideration; user friendly website, a voice that represents your brand and images that portrays your personality. With so much of competition around, it is important to establish your presence strongly.

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