Two Apple Computer Screens With Website Designing Done Before And After

Objective Of Website Redesign

Website redesigning is the best means to modify the website so as to make it user friendly. Web redesign plays a vital role in bringing traffic to the websites. We accomplish your website redesigning by developing, executing, structuring and modelling your web content on computer software and programs such as tablets, illustrator and caffeine.

The major objective of any agency in the website redesigning is to modify your website by elements such as forms, texts and bitmap images (JPEGs, GIFs, PNGs) by the use of XML, XHTML or HTML tags. In order to add more complex media in your website we use plugins such as quicktime, flash, java runtime environment and others. We use XHTML or HTML tags for embedding plug-ins into the page. Here are the factors that we keep in mind while designing a website. We carry out navigational and usability issues of your website. We study the market and construct a viable analysis of client’s website. We avoid giving flashy headers to your website as they can distract the readers. We never clutter up the Webpages by advertisements, unnecessary banners or images as it can disinterest the target audience. We don’t use dark backgrounds on light fonts such as blue as this way your content will become eligible for the target audience. We never use those graphics that takes time in downloading as it can influence the target audience to click on other website’s link. We use an image editor or GFX writer that can edit the image so as to make the downloading faster. We focus on making a well-designed and neat header graphic as this is the first thing that the target audience notices and decides whether to continue or not. We give a professional header so as to reflect relevancy of the website.

We redesign your website with a professional outlook and bring user friendly modifications in the website. Our prime focus is to bring consistencies in screen layout and font selection of the web content. Our agency takes special care of page layout such as tables and charts, if any. We check the detectability of the links in the website by highlighting and colouring them. Our prime concern is to consider the brand, collateral, logos, web content and primary audience. We test the website again and again to check whether it is serving your business purpose.

Websites With A Fresh Look

DigitalSeo Web Design Company In Chennai has redesigned few websites and gave them a new look.

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