An Illustrated Image Representing The Multipe Views Of A Website.Scope Of Web Development

When you choose your career, you must know the scope and the career path. The career must offer stability and ample opportunity along with good pay. Technology will never cease to develop and there is a good career scope in all areas of technology including web design and development. Taking a look at job portals like Techfetch jobs, you will find numerous opportunities for job roles varying from junior programmers to Sr Java jobs. Increased need for digitization has led to a demand for web developers who can create flexible and scalable websites.

With the pandemic situation, there requires a need to make all services and products available online. This will continue to be a new normal. Companies will have to build websites, software, and apps. Studies indicate that there will be an 8% growth in opportunities for web developers in the coming years. It is higher than any other job role. Web developers have successfully weathered the storm of the pandemic. Web development is one of the most demanding skills of the future along with problem-solving, DevOps, and cloud computing. Particularly, full-stack development continues to attract employers.

Different Job Roles In Web Development

Web development is the steps taken to build websites, web apps, and other internet related software on the world wide web or private network. It is all about programming and coding to provide different features of the application. It can be a simple, static website or a social media platform. Content management systems for eCommerce websites are built by web developers. Web development requires three layers of coding, which is, client-side coding, database technology, and server side coding. Client-side coding, also known as frontend development is what users get to experience when they use the application. It defines the look and feel of the application, which includes, the layout, color, font among others.

An Image Representing Multiple Job Roles Available In Web DevelopmentA database holds all data that is being used and stored. Websites require database technology to contain data and files that are required for the smooth functioning of the website. The database technology will enable retrieval, save, edit, and organize data easily. Websites require a relational database management system and backend scripting for complete functionality. For complete web development, a company will require web designers, front-end developers, and back-end developers. Apart from this, they will also require full stack developers and mobile developers.

A web developer, in general, should be aware of high-level languages like c++, java, markup languages, database languages, and stylesheet languages. Markup languages include HTML and XML. It defines the format and layout of the content on a website. Stylesheet languages help set styles for the web page. Oracle, SQL, and PL/SQL are some of the popular database languages. Web developers also work with frameworks and libraries. They are a set of prewritten steps that can be used as peruse cases. JavaScript and jQuery are other popular languages and libraries used in web development. Web developers also use web development tools like Atom, Visual Studio Code, and Sublime. Git is another crucial tool used to store, manage, and control versions of developed code.

Difference Between Web Development And Web Design

A Picture Representing The Web Design & Web Development Difference.Web development and web designers are two different ball games. A web designer is more concerned with the look and layout of the website. Whereas, a web developer is concerned about the functional aspect of the website. Web designer models the layout of the website. Check Out – The best web design software in 2021. They take care of all visual elements, that includes, color schemes, buttons, menus, scrollbars, and other graphical elements. A web designer also decides where the content should be placed in the layout. They are the architect who built the website.

A web developer takes all the elements developed by the web designer to develop the website. A front-end developer takes the input from a web designer to build the codes for the functionality of the website. A backend developer will use the frontend elements created to interact with the database. It is all interrelated and the web developers will use different technologies to create advanced functionality for the websites. An eCommerce website and other web apps will require the assistance of web developers and web designers to create complete functionality.

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