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Changing Web Design Concepts

With more number of people seeking the help of the Internet, the businesses and individuals are trying their best to build an attractive website. Web designing Companies in Chennai has caught on the latest trends to impress their clients. What makes the website most interesting is the design. It is obvious that anyone will never like to view the website that is clumsy, dull and boring. An attractive and neatly looking website can easily make the visitors stay longer on the site. The concepts and ideas of web designing have been changing from time to time. In this article, we will discuss some of the emerging web design trends in 2019.

Trend Setting Website Designs

CSS text written in big bold letters, a woman sitting on the alphabet S, painting light blueCSS3 Animation
Gone are the days, when the website only had static designs and content. Today, the website has become more dynamic and vibrant that web designers want to add animation such as videos, scrolling effects, motion graphics, and micro-interactions. CSS animation is a new feature that is very powerful.

This is a type of website, which contains dynamic content. With such website, you make your products more informative and attractive at the same time. Parallax websites encourage visitors to stay on your website for a long time.

This is a kind of art, in which the art and text are arranged in a very appealing way. You can choose the type, size of the fonts to achieve the desired effect.

This is a type of design that contains light and flat objects. This design is used by Google to make it easy for visitors to interact with the website.

Video Headers
This is becoming very popular and it is not a surprising thing. As we all know that visual contents can convey thingsWesite Design Inspiration text written in white and best video headers in orange easier than the words. Having video headers not only create a good impression but also convey the important message very quickly.

Icon Library
Icons have been used in the website market right from the initial days. One of the biggest advantages of the Icon library is that we designers can apply vector graphic and CSS effects. Icons have smaller file size and hence they help the website to load quicker.

Card Layouts
As the websites have become highly responsive, the web pages are segmented into smaller parts, with each one having a separate image, icons, etc.

Hero Images
Of late, web designers and website viewers love big images for many good reasons. Visual contents always create the A PC, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile, Responsive Web Design written on their screensbest impact on the viewers and so the Hero images.

Responsive Design
The most significant benefit of responsive design is that it allows the website to work well in various devices such as mobile phone, laptop, and desktop computers. The responsive design provides an optimum viewing experience for the users of all devices.

What we have so discussed so far is only some of the important web design trends. There are much more to come in the future. Web designers always keep their eye on the latest trends to impress their clients. With mounting competition, web design has become more challenging than before. The web designers are constantly thinking out of the box to create an innovative website.

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  1. It is interesting to know about the latest web designing trends. I am planning to make use of these in my forthcoming web designing projects. You have done a great job. Keep posting such interesting contents. I am impressed with card layouts and video headers options.

  2. When designing a website, it is important to check whether it is customer friendly. It should be easy for the customers to browse and search the website. If the website does not remain user-friendly and simple to navigate, it is completely a failure.

  3. Page transition is always an important trend to follow. It helps to maintain the experience unified and focussed on brand. It should not be like navigating to another new page but should be like another view within the collection of views.

  4. Using shadows in the website is not a new concept. But it is really worth to mention. It has been used by several designers for a long time. The designers play with shadows to develop illusion and depth of the world outside the screen.

  5. Several designers and brands ensure to use web safe colours. But certain designers are courageous to experiment colours by using vibrant and supersaturation shades. The headers are redesigned with hard angles and slashes that makes to look more trendy and attractive.

  6. Yes! Websites are getting very dynamic these days. Use of animations, gifs, and moving graphics has become common these days. I have seen that many websites of simply overdoing here. The graphics and sounds should be optimal, otherwise the visitors will get tired quickly.

  7. It is sad to see that many websites still have not adopted the concept of responsive web design. I am stressing again that you will not get customers or visitors without using responsive website design. So, hire a web designer to turn your static website to a responsive one.

  8. CSS3 animation is one of the great languages for making animation. I have created many websites with CSS3 animation and they have been received well by the clients and website users. Next comes is the Parallax, which works great for websites that sells products.

  9. If you go through all the emerging trends, we can see that people prefer a dynamic and engaging web designs. It is must for today’s website to have Images, videos, sounds and highly responsive website. Competition is becoming hectic every day, web designers have to work hard and smart.

  10. Nice to know the emerging web design trends! I am a big fan of Hero Images. I love to go through the websites, which contain Hero Images. In my opinion, Hero images can create a quick and effective on the visitors.

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